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Please note - a full truck for SOILS is approx. to 5 cubic metres

 (except Sheep and Cow Manure is approx. 10 cubic metres per truckload)

Kindly place a SECOND ORDER if need more than one FULL TRUCKLOAD

PLEASE DO NOT change the Quantity or Add other products at Checkout.

Soil Delivery and Supplies Perth

Little Loads offers a range of soil products for all your garden, landscaping and building needs. Whether you need it for a commercial or residential projects, you can rely on Little Loads to supply and deliver quickly and efficiently to all Perth suburbs.


Little Loads Range of Soil Products


Perth's sandy soils can be a real challenge to garden in. We have several specialist soil mixes such as our Premium Garden Mix and Potting Mix, designed to help radically improve moisture and nutrient retention. 


Our Soil Conditioner is specially formulated to add useful organic matter and soil structure to Perth’s often sandy and depleted soils. This should be blended with existing soil rather than planted directly into.


Our soil mixes are Certified Organic by NASAA. Fully certified products will carry a certification number and a logo - like ours!


Our Landscape Mix offer a blend of selected sands, fertilisers, manure and peat for optimal water retention. This is as close to an all-round soil you will get. Suitable for lawns, garden beds, rockeries, and fruit trees. It offers a good balance between moisture retention and proper drainage. Very popular in the landscape trade for its versatility.


Receive good prices on our bagged soil options. 


Little Loads For All Your Soil Needs


With over 45 years of combined knowledge and experience in the landscaping and garden retail industry, our wealth of experience, reliable service and competitive prices ensure we always deliver a high quality product and fast. With a growing list of commercial and private customers, we deliver directly to your home or business.


 For bulk purchases, we can even provide you with a free, complimentary trailer! 

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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