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Remastone Blocks


Your Trusted Garden Supplier in Perth 


Create a magnificent garden with the best quality garden supplies from Little Loads, delivered to your doorstep.

We provide an extensive range of manure, matting, potting soils, cement, kerbing and more, suitable for all types of gardens and growing conditions in Perth. 




Manure is a vital element for any successful garden by adding nutrients and improving soil performance. Choose from our cost-effective Soil Conditioner which has a high water holding capacity to maintain soil moisture, Organic Chicken Manure or perhaps a Premium Potting Mix for those smaller jobs like pots and planter boxes. 




Our Remastone limestone blocks are the ideal solution for garden edging and to establish clear and defined borders within your garden. 


Whether you're using concrete to edge your flower beds, or adding a concrete garden bench, we have a range of options to choose from. 


Call Little Loads For All your Garden Supply Needs


Whether you want to improve your existing gardens, create new garden beds, lay fresh turf, or undertake a full garden renovation, we can help you select the right garden supplies to help your garden thrive and stand out from the rest. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What supplies does a gardener need?

The basic supplies that a gardener requires include; gloves, pruners, watering gear (such as a watering can, hose or sprinklers), plant food and premium quality soil. Also, a wheelbarrow, a shovel, plant food, a rake and a hoe.

2. What is the most important tool for gardening?

The most essential tool used for gardening is a garden pruner. Hand pruners or pruning shears are incredibly adaptable for cutting or trimming small branches from trees, shrubs, and/or perennial plants.

3. Which garden tool is used the most?

The best gardening tool is a straightforward hand trowel because it is useful in almost all circumstances. A hand trowel is particularly helpful for weeding as well as planting bulb and tiny perennials.

4. What is necessary to know for a beginner gardener?

The following tips are useful to know before starting your first garden:


Choose the right location (ideally sunny) that is close to your home. Additionally, grow crops that your family enjoys eating and that will flourish in the correct season. Also, make sure that water is easily available for your plants and that they are planted in rich soil. Your soil should as well, be amended. 

5. What is the simplest garden design?