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Enhance your outdoor space with Remastone reconstituted limestone blocks from Litteloads, Perth. Whether you want to transform your landscape or give your backyard a makeover, our range of carbon and limestone products has the perfect solution. Choose from a diverse selection of limestone blocks in various shapes and sizes to suit any outdoor project.


Remastone's products are designed to be used in residential and commercial landscaping projects to create functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. Remastone is ideal for a wide range of landscaping and building products to enhance outdoor spaces, including paving stones, limestone blocks, retaining wall systems, garden edging, and more.


Here are some of the key product categories and offerings that Remastone typically provides:


  • Limestone Blocks: Remastone offers limestone blocks in various sizes and finishes, which are commonly used for retaining walls, garden borders, and decorative features.


  • Pavers: They offer a range of pavers in different colours, shapes, and textures suitable for creating driveways, patios, pathways, and outdoor entertainment areas.


  • Retaining Walls: Remastone provides retaining wall systems and materials that are essential for creating terraced landscapes, retaining slopes, or defining different levels within a garden or outdoor space.


  • Garden Edging: Garden edging products help define and separate different areas within a garden or landscape. Remastone offers various styles and materials for garden edging.


  • Bullnose and Capping: Bullnose and capping products are used to finish off walls, steps, and garden features with a smooth, rounded edge.


  • Feature Wall Cladding: Remastone may also offer wall cladding options, which can be used to create decorative and textured walls both indoors and outdoors.


Please note that product offerings and availability may change over time. 

REMA Plain 500 x 350 x 240 Flat (Pick Up Only)

  • Unfortunately, we cannot deliver this particular product to you. Please order and arrange a pick up at our yard.

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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