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Please note - a full truck for MULCH is approx. to 10 cubic metres

Bagged Mulch

Mulch Delivery Perth


Mulch is an essential ingredient in gardening that keeps plants healthy.


If you have a garden in your house, it’s better that you use mulch instead of artificial fertilisers. 


Are you now thinking of where to find mulch in Perth? Little Loads is there to deliver high-quality mulch to your doorstep within a few days. 


Benefits of Mulch

The branches, off-cuts, and tree waste that remains after landscaping don’t always go to the gutter. Most of them are recycled by chopping them up and selling them as mulch.

At Little Loads, we provide mulch at a pocket-friendly price so that you don’t need to think about buying fertilisers that contain harmful chemicals. Here are a few more reasons why you should use mulch for your garden:

  • It prevents the quick growth of weed,

  • Mulch allows your garden’s soil to retain moisture even during scorching summers. You wouldn’t need to water your plants as frequently as you do now,

  • It provides essential nutrients that plants require to stay healthy,

  • Mulch slowly decomposes and becomes organic matter. It eventually turns into rich topsoil. For sandy soil, it makes the upper layer more compact,

  • Earthworm starts roaming around in your garden. Once they die, they become natural fertilizers for your soil. Mulch promotes the healthy development of earthworms.



Q: What is mulch commonly made from? 


A: Mulch contains various things, such as crimped straw, mushroom compost, woven paper, excelsior jute, hay, grain stubble, bark, wood chips, and plastic fibers.


Q: What should I do first before adding mulch to my garden?


A: There are two things that you need to do before adding mulch: first, check whether the soil has enough organic matter and compost. If not, then make the soil healthy before mulching.


Q: How long does mulch normally last?


A: The quality of mulch decides how long it will last. Some last for 12 months while others last for at least a couple of years. 


Q: How much mulch should I use?


A: It is best if you apply 10 cm of mulch above the soil. 


Buy mulch for your garden


If you require high-quality mulch at the most reasonable price, you should place your order from Little Loads.

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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