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The maximum truckload per delivery differs for each product. If the product you require exceeds the maximum load above, please complete your first order and then place a separate order.

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You can order online and pickup your garden supplies at Littleloads.

Our products are available in smaller loads to fill half or full 6 x 4 trailers.
Bring your own trailer or hire one of our complimentary trailers.

Bagged Products

Do you need garden supplies in bags? We have here >>

If you need help choosing a product

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Give us a call on 08 9454 5033

Sustainable Certified Firewood

Little Loads can supply and deliver Jarrah block wood and mill ends. These are clean and dried to give a reduced smoke burn.

The Firewood Association of Australia standards* require that the wood is only collected from sustainable regrowth tree farms and must be at least 75% dry. From a trailer-load to a truckload, we’ll deliver it…and usually always within 1-3 working days or pick it up yourself.  Free use of trailer - photo ID required. 


“Have started dealing with Little Loads a couple of months back ... good quality products, and very reasonably priced. Naomi and other team members are great to deal with, and even the delivery service is the most professional that I have experienced. Look forward to using Little Loads for all of my landscaping materials in the future.” Rosemaree Cunningham


Our Humble Beginning...

Little Loads is a family-owned business with Paul and Sean Curtis having 45 years of combined knowledge and experience in the landscaping and garden retail industry. The focus for Little Loads is twofold – to always provide a top-quality product, and to make delivery, no matter what the amount, easy for all.

Little Loads is located in Dundas Road, High Wycombe, Western Australia. They manufacture their own PUREARTH™ mulches and soils with control measures including the DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation) to provide a product with no equal. Little Loads provides a full range of products meeting all consumers’ demands. 

For more details of these and other products, you can download a description and application guide here. Whether you are a keen home gardener or a tradesperson, please contact us if you have any specific queries we can help you with.


Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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