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Please note - a full truck for SANDS is approx. 4 cubic metres

Kindly place a SECOND ORDER if need more than one FULL TRUCKLOAD

PLEASE DO NOT change the Quantity or Add other products at Checkout.

Sand Delivery Perth

Little Loads offers a range of sand supplies for all your garden, landscape, building and construction needs. We can supply sand for your kids’ sand pits, your garden in Perth, bricklaying, plastering, and a lot more. We deliver to all Perth suburbs. 


Some of the products we commonly deliver are Lawn Mix, Plaster Sand, Washed White Sand and Fill Sand

Check out our Bagged Sands on selected products for cost-saving options.


Why Choose Little Loads Sand?

With over 45 years of combined knowledge and experience in the landscaping and garden retail industry, our wealth of experience, reliable service and competitive prices ensure we always deliver a high-quality product fast. With a growing list of commercial and private customers, we deliver directly to your home or business. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our sand:



We only offer premium sand to provide the best quality product for every client.



Premium doesn’t have to mean expensive. Our products and services are cost-effective and competitively priced.



Our reputation is the groundwork of our success, and we make sure we give quality service every time.


Standard Approved

We manufacture our own PUREARTH™ soils with control measures, including approval by the DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation) to provide a product with no equal.


Customer Satisfaction

Everything we do is with the client in mind, and we pride ourselves in our consistent 5-star customer reviews.

Call Little Loads for the Best Sand in Perth

Little Loads specialises in quality sand supplies directly to customers. We give utmost attention to detail and customer service, guaranteeing quality, safety and consistency. Contact us for your sand supply needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of sand do you supply?

  • Washed White Sand: A fine, clean sand that is perfect for children’s sandpits, gardens, bricklaying, and block paving.

  • Plaster Sand: A coarse sand used in the building trade for plastering and rendering.

  • Fill Sand: A coarse sand used as a base or backfill.

  • Paving Sand: A fine, clean sand used as a jointing compound for paving.

  • Lawn Mix: A mix of topsoil, sand and manure, perfect for creating new lawns.

  • Brickie Sand: A fine, clean sand used in the building trade for bricklaying.


2. How much sand do I need?


This depends on the application. For example, one cubic metre of sand will cover an area of approximately 15m2 at a depth of 50mm. Our team can advise you on the amount of sand you need for your project, or you can use our nifty calculator to estimate your order size.

3. What happens if I have sand left over?

Any leftover sand can be used in other projects around the garden, such as creating a new garden bed, filling in gaps between pavers or for children’s sandpits.

4. What sand do builders use?

Builders will use different types of sand depending on the application. For example, plaster sand is often used for rendering, while paving sand is used for, well, paving!

5. What is the difference between sand and soil?

Soil is a mix of sand, clay and organic matter, while sand is just that – sand! Sand is a key ingredient in soil, but you won't be able to use it to grow plants on its own.

6. Which is the best quality sand?

The best quality sand is a matter of opinion. Some people prefer white sand for its aesthetic value, while others prefer fill sand for its coarseness. It really depends on the application.

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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