1 Scoop = fills HALF a standard 6 x 4 trailer is available at $24.00


This product is NASAA Certified Organic | Certificate No. 6273M [view PDF]




Our Special Lawn Mix is a match made in heaven for turf that needs a good nutritional boost. This mix makes for a great natural top-dress fertiliser and contains optimal levels of nitrogen, which helps form much needed proteins that are vital for grass growth.


Special Lawn Mix contains no clay and is a blend of shredded green waste and concentrated blended organics (composted 20%), which are composted, pasteurised, matured and tested to Australian Standard 4454-2012. We then add Red Loam to retain water, graduated pellets as a PH buffer and blended sand. Special Lawn Mix is also Certified Organic by NAASA. 


To achieve optimal grass growth, with any type of turf, spread Special Lawn Mix across the desired area, making sure that the grass leaves still have sufficient exposure to sunlight. Water your turf well for the next couple of days after application and start to see your grass thrive.


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Special Lawn Mix