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Order a Delivery

Oh, before you checkout, there may be a slight delivery hiccup if...


There are more than *TWO Products* 

...on a SINGLE order. Multiple products will mixed up in the truck during transportation.


The quantity is labelled *Full Truckload*

The quantity has reached its maximum load capacity of the truck.


There is no *Delivery Instructions* 

Please provide a MOBILE NUMBER in case of any drop-off problems.


There is no *Accessible Area*

Unless instructed, the delivery will be placed on your front verge or other available area.


There is a *Wrong Address* 

Your PayPal address may not match your delivery address. (For Paypal member)


Kindly place a *Second Order*

For *1 and *2 above. This will help to avoid any delays in getting the gardening supplies to you.

At Checkout, do remember to take advantage of the lower-priced delivery option available to you.

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Cart is empty

NOTE: DO NOT change the 'Quantity' below, please leave it as '1' for cubic metre/s you have already selected.

Use 'Qty' ONLY for products from the bagged products or garden supplies section.

NOTE: Orders placed Friday or Saturday cannot be guaranteed next-day delivery. Please call the Office if your order is urgent.


The maximum quantity our truck can deliver to you differs for each product. If the product you require exceeds the maximum delivery load, please complete one order and then create a separate order.


FOR ALL DELIVERY ORDER, please double-check your order carefully for the correct product type, quantities, and delivery address.
If you have made an error, please call (08) 9454 5033 immediately to change your order.  Please read the policy details here.

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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