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Enhancing Your Garden in the Scorching Perth Summers with our selection of mulches

In the midst of Perth's blistering summer heat, tending to your garden can be a challenging endeavour. Thankfully, the judicious use of mulch can be a gardener's best friend in these trying conditions. Little Loads offers a range of options perfectly suited to the unique demands of hot Perth summers.

Mulch plays a pivotal role in the well-being of your garden, not only safeguarding the health of your soil but also enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor oasis. With Perth's scorching summers, it's crucial to select the right mulch to cater to your garden's specific needs.

Here are some mulch varieties offered by Little Loads, tailored to the arid conditions of Perth:

WOODLAND RED CHIP < Striking Colour Made with blended Woodland tree wood and bark, this chip has been coloured red and is a great cost-effective way to give your garden some extra presence. We also stock Woodland Black Chip, which is great for giving your garden some much needed contrast.

TREE CHIP MULCH < Economical If you are looking to cover large areas, Tree Chip Mulch is the answer. This mulch is made from ground green waste, sourced from contractors all around WA. Tree Chip Mulch has been chipped and semi-composted, giving it a dark brown colour.

ENVIROMULCH < Most Popular Green waste ground to approximately 50mm. Natural dark in colour. Naturally dark brown in colour, Enviromulch is ground pasteurised green waste that is semi-composted and then screened. This economical and environmentally friendly mulch is great for covering large areas, helping suppress weeds, controlling soil temperature and aiding water conservation.

BLACK MULCH < Popular and Economical Our Black Mulch is made with a blend of Enviromulch, mulch fines and screened peat and then is blended and semi-composted to produce a mulch that is great across large coverage areas. Black Mulch is one of our best sellers and is suitable for all types of gardens. With a dark rich colour, Black Mulch provides excellent contrast and helps to highlight all the plants in your garden.

COARSE PINE BARK CHIP < Most Popular Pine Bark Chip is a high-quality mulch that is great for decoration and improving the aesthetics of your garden. Made using the whole Pine Bark tree, this mulch works great at regulating soil temperature, preventing soil-borne diseases from spreading and retaining moisture throughout the Summer. Pine Bark Chip also adds humus to your soil, giving it a loose and crumbly texture.

Little Loads offers a variety of mulches to suit every garden’s needs. Our team has the expertise and decorative eye to offer helpful advice on which mulch will best enhance the look of your garden while providing it with the extra nutrients it needs. Take a look at some of our most popular mulch collections here.


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