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The maximum quantity is 4 cubic metres (m3) PER truckload for this product.


If you require more than a truckload,

  1. Please complete your order and then,
  2. Make another separate order (due to the quantity limit per truckload).



  • Prices exclude delivery costs. The delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your address and the distance required to deliver the products to you.




Our clay free Lawn Sand is perfect for all types of lawn. It allows for the free-draining of water and can be used to level uneven areas of lawn, fill holes and as a top dress for your turf. For a nutrient-packed alternative, we recommend using our Special Lawn Mix.


Ideally, we recommend top dressing your lawn during the beginning of Spring to avoid the lawn’s dormant phase, however, you can apply Lawn Sand anytime between late Spring and early Autumn. This is when both grass and weeds are actively growing.


The best time to apply is when the soil is moist and the grass is dry and make sure to avoid any drought or freezing conditions. We also don’t advise applying Lawn Sand in windy weather, as it will drift away from your lawn.


Our loads of gardening goodness will help bring your landscaping dreams to life. Order now and we will deliver direct to you or pick up your order from our High Wycombe depot. 


Have a question about this product? Give us a call on 08 9454 5033


When Can I Top Dress My Lawn in Perth?


The best time to top dress your lawn in Perth is just before the growing season. It is usually the beginning of spring. You can, however, apply nutrient soil at any time throughout the year. And the best time to fix indentations is within the growing season. 


Is Putting Sand on Your Lawn a Good Idea?


People have been putting sand on their lawns for several decades. They mainly put sand on their lawns as a top dressing, cover tree roots and level out uneven surfaces. Is it a good idea? It might not be a good idea to put sand on your lawn since it can cause drainage and compaction issues. 


Does Grass Grow in Sand? 


Grass can grow in sand. You, however, need to provide enough water and fertiliser for your grass to grow in sand. However, some types of grass species cannot thrive in the sand since sand drains so fast and does not hold moisture and nutrients for long. If you have sandy soil, you may have to improve your soil quality.


Can I Use Play Sand to Level My Lawn?


Yes! You can use play sand to level your lawn. A lawn can become uneven because of natural and unnatural causes, such as drainage issues, settling and many more. It is best to use compost and play sand to level your uneven lawn since compost adds nutrients and sand provides good drainage. 


Should You Fertilise Lawn Before Top Dressing? 


You need to fertilise your lawn before top dressing. You, however, need to fertilise your lawn one or two weeks before you apply a top dressing. The fertiliser boosts the growth of the grass to help the grass push through the top dressing. Once you apply a top dressing, you can just water your lawn. 


How Do You Prepare Grass for Sand? 


Remove debris and weeds from the area. Prepare your soil to improve soil moisture retention. Spread fertiliser over the top of the soil. Then, pick the type of grass for your sandy soil since not all types of grass do better in sandy soil. Sow your seed grass over the lawn. And water your grass daily.


Lawn Sand

  • To avoid delays in delivering your gardening supplies, please place a separate order...

    • When you choose Full Truckload or
    • When you require more than 2 different products in one delivery.

    Delivery costs are as follows:

    • $40 per delivery within 5km,
    • $60 per delivery within 17km,
    • $70 per delivery within 35km,
    • $90 per delivery within 50km.

    For deliveries outside the 50km zone, please contact us at (08) 9454 5033.

    Delivery time is 1 to 3 working days.

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