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Why autumn is the perfect time to grow a bountiful garden.

In Perth, autumn brings a revitalising energy similar to that of spring. April presents an ideal opportunity to sow a diverse range of plants, including shrubs, trees, ground covers, fruit trees, citrus plants, cool-season vegetable seeds, and bulbs for a colourful spring showcase. You can take advantage of the plentiful warmth and moisture in the atmosphere to promote rapid growth and blossoming in your garden. Employing an organic-based plant food like *Premium Garden Mix can provide an added nourishing boost to help your plants thrive and withstand the challenges of changing seasons.

First Reason: Optimal Conditions for Plant Growth.

Transitioning from summer to autumn brings about a favourable environment for plant development. The cooling weather contrasts with the still-warm soil, creating an inviting space for roots to flourish. This allows plants to establish themselves securely in the soil, extending their roots beyond the initial planting area in search of essential water and nutrients. With shorter daylight hours in autumn, plants experience reduced stress levels even during warmer days. Additionally, many regions receive more consistent rainfall during this season, further alleviating stress on newly planted vegetation. Autumn also offers a more pleasant experience for gardeners engaging in strenuous tasks like digging and soil preparation.

Second Reason: Wide Selection of Plant Types.

During the autumn season, there is a wide variety of high-quality plants available from nurseries, including shrubs, trees, seasonal annuals, and vegetables. Bare-rooted plants like roses and fruit trees are also accessible during this time. These deciduous plants are grown in the ground and then lifted for sale with their roots protected but not potted. Additionally, bulbs can be planted throughout autumn. It is recommended to give all newly planted vegetation a boost with *Premium Garden Mix, which not only promotes strong root growth but also enhances resistance to changing weather conditions.

Third Reason: To Overcome Winter Dormancy

By planting in autumn, you provide your plant with the opportunity to settle in before winter sets in. During the cold months, growth of the new plant will slow down or halt altogether. A shrub or tree planted in autumn should experience rapid growth thanks to the robust new roots it developed before winter arrived. While similar beneficial conditions can also be found in spring, as we move closer to summer with hotter temperatures and longer days on the horizon, planting then can pose more challenges for a new plant. Although spring is also a viable time for planting but the season also requires additional care such as providing extra shade, protection from elements, and consistent watering.

**Premium Garden Mix is our signature soil mix, a unique soil blend enriched with organic nutrients to revitalise your garden. This specialised formula enhances soil quality by providing a high humic content, resulting in a nourishing environment for your plants. Crafted from a mix of recycled green waste and premium organic materials, our Garden Mix undergoes thorough composting, pasteurisation, and testing to comply with Australian Standard 4454-2012. Featuring composted sheep and cow manure, loam for moisture retention, pH-balancing mineral pellets, and blended sand for optimal texture. Certified Organic by NAASA, our Premium Garden Mix guarantees to deliver exceptional results for your garden's vitality.


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