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From Sweat to Sweet: How Perth's Heat Wave Prepares Us for Autumn

We're almost there, the scorching summer in Perth is coming to an end. Let's anticipate the arrival of cooler autumn days, just a few weeks away.

As we eagerly await the transition to autumn, the start of autumn in Perth is a delightful time for gardening in more temperate regions. There's no need to brace for a long hibernation; the worst to come is some dreary rain, but nothing you or your plants, snug under a cozy layer of mulch, can't handle.

Prepare your garden by taking advantage of the autumn season to plant seeds for spring flowers, put in spring bulbs, perform light pruning, clean up spent summer growth and enhance your soil.

Restoring order in the garden

In hot weather, certain plants grow twice as fast and can become unruly while we try to avoid gardening in the heat.

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, nature bursts forth in a riot of vibrant summer growth. The once bare trees are now adorned with lush foliage, flowers bloom in every colour imaginable. While this seasonal explosion of life is undeniably beautiful, it also brings with it a certain chaos—a wild tangle of unruly plants and overgrown landscapes that can quickly become overwhelming. As we step into Autumn, there is a need to channel our inner gardeners and tidy up this exuberant growth, restoring order and reclaiming our outdoor spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

Gardens that were once neatly manicured have now transformed into jungles of greenery, hedges have lost their defined edges to an excess of growth, and pathways have vanished beneath a carpet of leaves. It's time to take back control from nature's exuberance and restore balance to our outdoor havens. Tidying the summer growth isn't just about aesthetics—it's about creating functional spaces for leisure, encouraging healthy plant growth, and ensuring that our gardens remain manageable throughout the season. So grab your pruning shears, dust off your gardening gloves, and start your art of taming summer's wild abundance.

Start with the soil

When it comes to soil, autumn is the ideal season to give your garden a boost after enduring the challenges of summer. The intense heat during summer takes a toll on the soils in Western Australia, often causing damage to microorganisms and leading coastal soils like those in Perth to revert back to their sandy, limestone composition. This ongoing struggle requires ongoing attention, even though it does become more manageable over time.

For addressing this issue, incorporate a substantial amount of organic soil mix and generous quantities of animal manure, followed by a thick layer of mulch. Ensure thorough watering to complete the process. It is advisable to apply mulch during autumn rather than winter, as the latter can attract numerous slaters due to the arrival of cool weather and rain.

Plant winter vegetables and spring flowers

Autumn is the perfect opportunity to plant seeds for your winter vegetables and spring blossoms. While it may seem premature to sow seeds for spring flowers, doing so in autumn allows the plants ample time to develop before spring. This typically results in larger plants and more blooms. If you missed the window for autumn planting, avoid sowing seeds during winter as the cold temperatures may prevent germination. Instead, wait for the first warm days of spring to arrive before planting them.

Savour the beauty of your creation

While we may complain about the summer heat, there comes a point when we long for springtime and warmth. It's important to remember to take breaks and enjoy the beauty of your garden, especially during our mild and sunny winters.

Everything in a garden is fleeting – the flowers, fruit, insects, and seasons. Perhaps the most valuable lesson our gardens can teach us is to savour their present beauty while also envisioning their future potential.

Instead of rushing around for garden supplies, let Littleloads deliver the essentials directly to you in Perth so that you can focus on giving your garden the attention it deserves.



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