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Firewood Delivery Services in Perth: What to Consider

The nearing onset of the chilly winter months stands as a beckon for many Perth households to prepare to get their fireplaces roaring, emitting a cosy warmth to ward off the winter chill. Having a reliable firewood supply is therefore paramount, typically leading most Perth residents to use dedicated firewood delivery services. In this article, we will guide you through the factors to consider when choosing a firewood delivery service in Perth, ensuring a warm home all winter.

Quality of Firewood

The quality of firewood is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider. Poor-grade firewood tends to have a high moisture content, making it not only difficult to ignite but also producing an excessive amount of smoke. The gold standard in firewood is seasoned logs, which have been dried for at least six months to achieve optimum burning. 

Another aspect of quality is the type of wood. The best firewood burns slowly, emitting a consistent and even heat. In Australia, Jarrah and Redgum are highly recommended due to their slow-burning properties and the minimal ash they produce. 

Delivery Service

Effective delivery service is another essential factor to evaluate. Foremost, the service should organise delivery at a time that suits your schedule to avoid any inconvenience. 

Be sure to check whether the firewood delivery company has a set delivery area. It would be frustrating to find the perfect service, only to discover they don't deliver to your suburb. Proper communication is also vital for smooth service, so ensure the providers can be easily contacted.


Firewood prices in Perth can vary greatly. Typically, prices are affected by the type of wood, the location of delivery, and the quantity required. However, remember that the cheapest service isn't always the best. Balancing quality and price will ensure good value for money.


As consumers, we have a responsibility to consider the environmental impacts of our buying decisions. It's essential to ensure that your firewood supplier champions sustainable practices. This could mean sourcing firewood from excess timber or actively participating in tree-planting exercises. 

Firewood Storage

Firewood delivery doesn't end with dropping off the logs. The way the wood is stored can impact its quality. Enhance the lifespan of your firewood by storing it in a dry, well-aerated area away from ground moisture. Ideally, the company from which you order your wood should offer advice on the best storage practices.

In the face of recurrent firewood shortages, it's more important than ever to ensure you have stockpiled your supply of quality firewood early. At Little Loads, we understand the value of timely preparedness. Don’t risk being caught out in the cold, contact us at Little Loads today, and secure your firewood supply before winter hits.

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