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The maximum quantity is 5 cubic metres (m3) PER truckload for this product.


 If you require more than a truckload,

  1. Please complete your order and then,
  2. Make another separate order (due to the quantity limit per truckload).



  • Prices exclude delivery costs. The delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your address and the distance required to deliver the products to you.


This product is NASAA Certified Organic | Certificate No. 6273M [view PDF]




Made as a super-rich concentrate, this is our black gold that delivers a strong organic kick. Add one equal part Soil Conditioner to one-part poor soil for a fantastically nutritious soil for your plants. Our Soil Conditioner is great for general planting and mixes well with poor sand to create structure and the nutrient kick your plants need. Once your plants have been cultivated, make sure to water them well.


Our Soil Conditioner contains a blend of shredded green waste and concentrated blended organics (composted 100%), which are composted, pasteurised, matured and tested to Australian Standard 4454-2012. We then add composted sheep/cow manure, minerals, graduated pellets as a PH buffer and blended sand.


Soil Conditioner is also Certified Organic by NAASA.


Our loads of gardening goodness will help bring your landscaping dreams to life. Order now and we will deliver direct to you or pick up your order from our High Wycombe depot. 


Have a question about this product? Give us a call on 08 9454 5033.


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Soil Conditioner

  • To avoid delays in delivering your gardening supplies, please place a separate order...

    • When you choose Full Truckload or
    • When you require more than 2 different products in one delivery.

    Delivery costs are as follows:

    • $40 per delivery within 5km,
    • $60 per delivery within 17km,
    • $70 per delivery within 35km,
    • $90 per delivery within 50km.

    For deliveries outside the 50km zone, please contact us at (08) 9454 5033.

    Delivery time is 1 to 3 working days.

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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