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Our Black Mulch is made with a blend of Enviromulch, mulch fines and screened peat and then is blended and semi-composted to produce a mulch that is great across large coverage areas. 


Black Mulch is one of our best sellers and is suitable for all types of gardens. With a dark rich colour, Black Mulch provides excellent contrast and helps to highlight all the plants in your garden. 


We recommend turning your Black Mulch during mid-season to allow for even mulch breakdown and to replace it in your garden every Spring.




  • Soil Moisture Retention: Black mulch helps to conserve soil moisture by reducing evaporation. It acts as a protective layer that prevents water loss from the soil surface, keeping the soil adequately moist for plant roots.


  • Weed Suppression: Black mulch provides a barrier that helps suppress weed growth by blocking sunlight from reaching weed seeds. This can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual weeding.


  • Temperature Regulation: Black mulch absorbs and retains heat from sunlight, which can help regulate soil temperature. This is particularly beneficial during cooler periods, as it can keep the soil slightly warmer, promoting better root growth and winter hardiness for plants.


  • Erosion Control: By creating a protective layer over the soil surface, black mulch helps to minimize soil erosion caused by heavy rainfall or strong winds. It prevents soil particles from being washed or blown away, maintaining the stability of your garden beds.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Black mulch can provide a visually pleasing contrast to the colours of your plants, making them stand out. It adds a neat and finished look to your garden beds, enhancing the overall appearance of your landscape.

Our loads of gardening goodness will help bring your landscaping dreams to life. Order now and we will deliver direct to your doorstep.




  • Prices exclude delivery costs. The delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your address and the distance required to deliver the products to you.
  • The delivery capacity per truckload for this product is approximately 10 cubic metre (10m3). 
  • The maximum quantity of our truck can vary according to the density and composite of the product.


If you require more than one truckload,

  1. Please complete your order and then,
  2. Make another separate order (due to the quantity limit per truckload).


Check our collection of Mulch here: Mulch Delivery Perth


Black Mulch Delivery * Special* Full Truck (8 cubic metre)

  • Prices exclude delivery costs. The delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your address and the distance required to deliver the products to you.

    The maximum quantity our truck can deliver for each product is different. The delivery capacity per truckload for this product is aproximately 8m3.  If you require more than a truckload,

    • Please complete your order first and,
    • Make another separate order 

    This will help to avoid any delays in getting the gardening supplies to you.

Order online and get garden supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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