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How to keep plants alive in Perth’s heatwave

“Perth is set for a sweltering summer,….we’re expecting it to be a hotter than usual summer and that is likely to lead to heatwave conditions.” - according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

As the sun beats down relentlessly and temperatures soar, keeping your plants alive in a heatwave can feel like an uphill battle. The sight of wilting leaves and drooping flowers can be disheartening for any plant lover and homeowners with lush gardens. There are effective strategies to help your green friends thrive even in the sweltering heat.

Here are some simple yet effective techniques and adjustments for your plants, you'll discover that they can not only survive but also thrive in spite of blistering conditions. So before resigning yourself to wilted blooms and shrivelled foliage, read on for practical advice on how to give your beloved greenery the best chance at thriving through a heatwave!

If you find yourself in the midst of a heatwave or anticipate several scorching days, consider these strategies I employ to help my plants endure the extreme conditions.

  1. WATERING - It's important to provide a thorough watering in the early morning to ensure that the moisture has time to penetrate the roots before it evaporates.)

  2. USE SHADE - f your plants are in pots, relocate them to a sheltered spot or a shaded area in your garden. Alternatively, you can improvise some temporary shade by using shade cloth or umbrellas to shield your plants from the intense sunlight during the peak hours of the day.

  3. SOIL PROTECTION - Protecting the soil is vital for maintaining a flourishing and productive garden. One effective method is to maintain a layer of mulch or ground cover across the entire garden, acting as a shield against direct sunlight that can cause drying and erosion. This protective layer helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing water loss through evaporation and promoting water conservation. Additionally, it serves as a natural barrier to weed growth, preventing competition for nutrients and water that can hinder plant growth. By implementing proper soil protection like utilising Littleloads’ Enviromulch or Black Mulch, it can support the health and vitality of garden plants while promoting overall soil health through increased microbial activity and beneficial organism support. Safeguarding the soil with mulch or ground cover fosters an environment conducive to robust plant growth while conserving natural resources and promoting sustainability in our gardens.

  4. COMPOST - Nurture the soil through ongoing efforts such as composting and incorporating additional fibre and leaf material. In Perth, the prevalent sandy soils facilitate excessive water drainage and can develop resistance to water. However, by consistently applying mulch, compost, and green matter, you can foster robust plant growth and shield them from potential droughts. The vitality of the soil is crucial for successful gardening.

  5. REFILLING - As the day ends and the weather cools down, replenish your plants' water supply and allow their leaves to regain their vitality. This will provide them with a little boost to perk up.

  6. COLLECT SEEDS - Gather a small quantity of seeds if you notice a plant thriving in high temperatures, make sure to gather its seeds at the end of the season. This approach will allow you to grow strong plants suited to your local climate, guaranteeing a durable garden for years.



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