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Made with 100% Marri Bark wood, this high-quality chip will make your garden look stunning. Marri Bark Chip is great for making your home look more aesthetically pleasing and is fantastic for applications where a symmetrical even look is needed.  


Marri Bark Chip won’t blow away and is perfect around trees and shrubs, as it has great free-draining properties, helps retain moisture and keeps soil cooler during the warmer months. It also keeps weeds at bay. 


We recommend replacing Marri Bark Chip in Spring and not using it with vegetables or annuals. 


Using Marri Bark Chips in your garden can provide several benefits:


  • Moisture retention: Marri Bark Chips act as a natural mulch, helping to retain moisture in the soil. They form a protective layer on top of the soil, reducing evaporation and preventing water loss. This is especially beneficial in dry or hot climates, as it helps to conserve water and maintain adequate soil moisture levels for your plants.


  • Weed suppression: The thick layer of Marri Bark Chips can help suppress weed growth by blocking sunlight from reaching weed seeds. This reduces the competition for nutrients and water, allowing your desired plants to thrive without the interference of weeds. Additionally, the natural tannins present in the bark can deter weed growth.


  • Soil insulation: Marri Bark Chips act as an insulating layer, moderating soil temperatures. They can help keep the soil cooler in hot weather and provide some insulation during colder periods. This temperature regulation promotes healthy root development and protects plants from extreme temperature fluctuations.


  • Erosion control: By covering the soil surface, Marri Bark Chips help prevent erosion caused by wind and water. They create a protective barrier that keeps the soil in place, especially on sloped areas or exposed garden beds. This is particularly important in areas with heavy rainfall or strong winds.


  • Soil improvement: Over time, as Marri Bark Chips break down, they contribute organic matter to the soil. This decomposition process enriches the soil with nutrients, improves its structure, and enhances its overall fertility. It also encourages beneficial microbial activity, which supports a healthy soil ecosystem.


  • Aesthetics: Marri Bark Chips provides an attractive and natural-looking ground cover for your garden. The reddish-brown colour of the chips adds visual interest and complements the surrounding plants. They can give your garden a neat and well-maintained appearance.


When using Marri Bark Chips or any other type of mulch in your garden, it's important to apply them correctly. Ensure that you leave a small gap around the base of your plants to prevent excessive moisture retention around their stems, which can lead to rot. Also, periodically check and replenish the mulch layer as it naturally decomposes over time.


Our loads of gardening goodness will help bring your landscaping dreams to life. Order now and we will deliver direct to your doorstep.


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  • Prices exclude delivery costs. The delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your address and the distance required to deliver the products to you.
  • The delivery capacity per truckload for this product is approximately 10 cubic metre (10m3).  


If you require more than a truckload,

  1. Please complete your order and then,
  2. Make another separate order (due to the quantity limit per truckload).


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Marri Bark Chip Delivery (*10 cubic metre)

  • Prices exclude delivery costs. The delivery cost is calculated at checkout based on your address and the distance required to deliver the products to you.

    The maximum quantity our truck can deliver for each product is different. The delivery capacity per truckload for this product is 10m3.  If you require more than a truckload,

    • Please complete your order first and,
    • Make another separate order 

    This will help to avoid any delays in getting the gardening supplies to you.

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