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Tips for Choosing the Right Soil for Your Garden in Perth

Since sand is the predominant type of soil in Perth, the soil may appear loose at the surface yet contain a firmer structure beneath. With this kind of soil, moisture retention might be challenging but not impossible. It’s important to understand the different types of soil and rejuvenation so that you choose the correct one for your plants and shrubs to flourish, specifically in Perth.

Different types of soil

Garden soil

There are many different types of garden soils that are important in various gardening situations. Garden soil mix is topsoil that has been supplemented with organic matter and compost. Because of its dense texture, it can hold water longer than other types of soil and is; as a result, a good option for your garden in the Perth region. It’s also the least expensive soil for your garden because it doesn't include the more expensive components that other soils do.


Topsoil is another affordable option because it doesn't contain any additional components like moss or compost. It’s good for general-purpose landscaping in Perth. Topsoil is made simply by removing soil from the ground and placing it in a bag. But keep in mind that topsoil is intended to be used as a versatile landscape component and isn’t intended to be used for plant growth. Overall, it can serve as the foundation for a homemade batch of soil.


Mulch is used to cover the garden soil mix. It’s intended to keep the soil moist, prevent weed development, chill the soil, and improve the garden bed's overall aesthetic. Bark, wood chips, grass clippings, leaves, and other items can all be used to make organic mulch. Knowing the origin of your mulch is crucial since making the wrong decision could result in the introduction of unwelcome sprouts or toxins. Mulch shields feeder roots that are close to the surface from the summer's heat and aridity, making it especially ideal for Perth gardens.

How to improve your soil

Understanding and choosing one or more of the above mentioned soil options will allow many plants to thrive in Perth’s climate. However, if you want to expand the variety of plants you can cultivate, improving the soil is a good way to go to make it the right soil for your needs. Animal manure can assist with this: The addition of macronutrients from animal manure is essential for the growth of robust, healthy plants. In thin, sandy soil, these three elements—phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen—are frequently deficient.

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